“I have been blessed,” says Glynis Amy Allen, “with amazing spiritual gifts, especially clairvoyance, passed down to me by my Grandma Mac. She would speak to spirits and angels when she needed help and they always answered her. It has been natural – and a privilege – for me to carry on my grandma’s work.”

When her nursing career was cut short by injury and illness, Glynis soon realised that Spirit simply had other plans for her! She developed a closer relationship with her spirit guide and became a full-time medium, guiding others with their lives’ challenges.

Glynis lives with her husband in Sheffield, UK.

By Glynis Amy Allen



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The Angels Beside Us - Glynis Amy Allen


“Glynis Allen has been blessed with one of the greatest gifts of all, she has clear sight, ‘clairvoyance’, and has been sensing and seeing the presence of angelic beings for decades. Glynis hasn’t had just the odd vision, she has seen angels working alongside her time after time, in fact throughout her entire nursing career.” (Chrissie Astell)

It’s always heart-warming when other people see the angels’ signs too and it’s not just me, and I’m especially pleased when someone instinctively knows they can confide in me about their experiences. The Drunken Sailor was one example… When the Red Phone rang at 2 a.m. and the paramedic said, “We’re bringing in a male aged around fifty, found unconscious on a bench in town, smells of alcohol”, everyone groaned – it was Sailor again. We called him that because he was always drunk on rum (he told us that he’d got addicted to it when he was in the Navy) but whatever our personal thoughts were he was always treated with respect and received the same care as any other patient. He carried his belongings in a plastic bag, consisting of a few photos of his children and a bottle of rum. I felt so sorry for him having such a hard life – and where were his family?

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wishing-shelf-award-winnerIt is rare to find an account of mediumship and communication with the spirit world that is told in such a wonderfully down-to-earth way! Glynis Amy Allen gives us one extraordinary story after another, yet with detailed authenticity, humour and genuine compassion. 

This is the narrative of her spiritual life, especially while working as a senior hospital nurse in the National Health Service for thirty years. You will read true accounts of the ghosts and spirits she encountered, such as seeing the soul leaving the body and meeting the guardian spirits of those who were suffering. She was often able to pass on comforting evidence of survival to relatives.

It is a remarkable book, the truth of which is very hard to deny, and it raises important questions about the nature of human consciousness for us all.

Best seller on Amazon and Winner of the Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

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